Cluster and what to do?

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    We have just recently learned that each year in one of the parks in our town, Tokoroa, one tree is covered in Monarchs in the first week of July.

    We have not seen or known of this before and are excitedly awaiting this event.

    If and when this happens, what would you like us to do, report on, count, tag or the such? We will attempt to help out as best we can, if possible.

    Please let us know how we need to go about things if the butterflies get sighted again this year. Many thanks.

    Mimi and daughter (9)

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    Mimi – Are the butterflies still there?



    Hi Mimi,

    If you can report this as a sighting, and you will see on the website we ask you to estimate how many butterflies are there, the tree(s) that they’re on, and where exactly this event occurs.

    It will be great to hear that there is an overwintering cluster in Tokoroa, if such happens. Then what we ask is that you monitor the sight/site – and particularly if you see any tagged Monarchs, if you can read the tags (which will probably mean catching the butterfly) it will be helpful too – these should be reported in separately.

    Does this make sense?



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