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    I have 45 Chrysalis hanging from the top of window in my spare room. I hope they hatch before I go on holiday.

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    Hi Lisa

    No, they don't need to be attached to the plant for nourishment. The pupal stage (or chrysalis) is a dormant phase, basically the insect is changing from the second stage to the adult form.

    I find the easiest way is to spray them (mist) with water to loosen the silk "mat" that they spin around the cremaster – the cremaster being the little stem from the chrysalis to the silk mat.

    Then you pick at the top of the cremaster and a lot of the silk will also come away with the cremaster and chrysalis.

    Now you can roll the silk up into a ball and either tie it in a new position with a thread – don't tie it too tightly or it will cut through the cremaster. Or you can use hot glue or cold glue. I did at one time use Uhu etc but thought that perhaps the smell was not healthy for them.

    Glad to have you here! Nice to hear what you're doing to honour your mother. She will be smiling.




    Hi there!
    I too have a pile of Chrysalis's and large caterpillars due to change. Can I please ask how you removed them from the plant and hung them? Do they not need to be attached to the plant once they have changed to Chrysalis state for any nourishment? The chrysalis's on my plants are now at risk of falling due to the other caterpillars eating the same leaves and climbing over them so am tempted to remove them and bring them inside.
    I filed a caterpillar/chrysalis conversion a few days ago and have created a 2 minute short film showing the time lapse of about 45 minutes of change – it is amazing!
    My mother was a huge Monarch fan/breeder, she passed away last September and hence it meant a lot to me and my children to try our hand at watching over them this year. I have even just started a new interior design business called Monarch Design….. Beautfiul creatures!
    Thanks so much for any advice!



    Thanks Jacqui. 2 males have emerged this morning. I now have 60 chrysalis. I think Milkweed is in marton. We have someone staying in our house while away, but if he unhappy about tagging/releasing butterflies, I will let you know. I just witnessed a cat changing into a chrysalis!! took about 15 minutes AND I videoed it. Really quite amazing to watch.



    Hi Mary

    I hope so too! please email me if you need someone to "babysit" them for you. I will be happy to look up our register and see who we've got in the area.


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