Caterpillars need homes or food in Putaruru!

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    Have an over abundance of caterpillars for the plants that we have if anyone around Putaruru area has a new home for some or can supply food!

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    My number is 027 946 3767, contact me if you’re interested!



    I live in Hamilton and have some swan plants for sale, $5 each for 40+ cm plants. Depending on how many you were looking to get I could meet you half way or even deliver them to you, if you are interested! Have grown them myself and kept the monarchs away from them with netting, so no harmful pesticides or anything used on them.



    Hello Mr69NZ

    The MBNZT can send 30 swan plants about 20mm tall, bare-rooted, by overnight courier to you for $30.00, if you’re interested.

    On arrival we suggest you cover the roots with water and let the caterpillars eat the leaves and stems. Then, when they have pupated, you can plant the plants out in your garden. Meanwhile, it will give your mature plants time to recover (feed them well).

    If you’re interested pay by internet banking into the MBNZT bank account with Kiwibank, 38-9009-0654693-00 and send a screenshot of your payment in an email to so that she can cross-reference the payment. You will need to do that over the weekend though, if you want to, as I’m sending the last lot out on Monday. You would have them on Tuesday.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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