Caterpillars dying in the heat

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    In recent months I have had a lot of success in bringing the caterpillars to butterfly, in the past three weeks none of them seem to be surviving in the heat Poor things only seem to get to 1 cm and then they are dying.
    Apart from trying to bring them into the house any other ideas please ?

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    I also had trouble with dying cats
    My caterpillars seem to be doing better now; I am careful not to handle the swan plants if I have hand cream or sunscreen on my hands, & also am careful to not let them get too hot as I think there can be a build-up of gas, possibly CO2, from the leaves & the caterpillars’ excrement in a ‘hot’ box. The temperatures in the conservatory are much higher than in previous years when I had no trouble raising the little beasties.


    rob cooper

    its hot here no probs in fact they grow quicker im sprays any sprays just kill them hope you sort it



    Hi Jacqui, I’m in Ohau near Levin.
    I have not had any trouble earlier and they are in the shade house but the plants are all in pots they do get plenty of water.
    Has been in the 30+ degree heat in our backyard where the shade house is
    I did have the unfortunate of buying a couple of plants that had been sprayed
    Was unaware until they started to die but I removed them out of where they were and have since put them in a separate area and do not want to put any caterpillars on there for at least another two weeks. I’ve nurtured at least 80 with only seven Not making it to Butterfly.
    I’m just gutted in the last three weeks that they just not growing to their full potential. 😞
    Signing up to become a member and also I’m going to purchase a butterfly house.



    Hello Sandy – that’s a hard one. Not sure where you are but make sure that the swan plants are well watered (morning and evening is best) and can you prop up some sort of shade for the plant – or move them into the shade if they are in pots.

    Whereabouts are you? If you’re near Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, you’re welcome to come and see my garden to get ideas.

    Are you absolutely sure it’s the heat that is killing them?


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