caterpillar help please

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    advice please for a couple of caterpillars:


    one made a silk button which was tiny on the roof of the teranium it was in and when in a j ended up hanging in a j by a strand of silk.  i took it down scared it would fall and die only for it to start oozing out it’s back end until it died.  i’m not sure what else i could have done and would appreciate any advice in case there is a next time.


    another this morning is too small to make a chrysalis – maybe 3rd instar – and i have found it hanging in a j shape from the roof with no silk button on a couple of strands of silk.  after taking down the last one did no good i am not sure what to do??


    any help would be great please : )

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    That chrysalis (update) won’t make it, Kittycat, you might as well dispose of it. It won’t be alive so no need to euthanase/freeze it.

    Read the posts here about overcrowding and also Oe, parasites, disease etc. This might be of value to you. There’s another Create Butterfly Habitat course coming up soon too, you might find that helpful as well.

    Butterfly Gardening/Habitat Course



    update – the little guy who tried to cocoon did a good effort but ended up struggling to split his skin and made a deformed chrysalis which is half open – best to freeze it?

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