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    Building a butterfly house almost as big as a gazebo. Does anyone have a design or has built a large castle?

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    We will put potted plants inside, have about 40 so far. Will have possibly twice as many plants outside it so they can grow new leaves and have new eggs laid on them. Also planning nectar flowers near the green house. Likely to get out of control…
    Wendy, email me if you want, melodyearthsong@gmail.com



    Are you going to use it for just the plants or are you going to do it as a butterfly habitat?
    I’m tossing up what to do myself…



    Thanks for your suggestions. Found a new one on trade me for $119. Will replace the plastic cover with “bug net” product from Kings.



    This is my one here. I bought it second-hand and it’s fantastic, but you can get new kitsets from Redpath NZ – the first photo that shows up at the link below is two bays, so mine is half that size.




    We had the frame from a hothouse we got off trademe. We covered it with netting. Pretty simple. There are various sizes on TM, all good value,they come with a plastic outer, we still have the plastic and it will do as a boot liner or somesuch. Weight the bottom, when we got ours and set it up as a green house with plastic cover the Welly wind had it over in less than a day :).

    Its extremely useful for keeping plants under cover and caterpillers away from predators. At the moment its got a whole lot of plants in it for next year.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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