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    I’ve seen mention of Cassia for butterfly gardens on overseas sites, and have one self seeded in my garden.

    I don’t particularly like them myself, but if it was going to be of any benefit to butterflies of NZ, I’d let it stay.

    So, shall I let it live, or not? 🙂



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    The cinnamon tree is from the laurel family, Lauraceae, so not related to Cassia sp. I believe, but the common name “Cassia” is given to members of  the Cinnamomum species  which can yeild cinnamon.

    Botanically speaking, why common names usage is often a nightmare, and it is a lot simpler and less confusing sticking to latin nomeclature!  Anyway, I digress, I have seen cinnamon growing, and  it does look very ‘laurel-like’ totally different to Cassia sp.



    Thanks Jane, I have 25 acres, so space definitely isn’t a problem, I think I’ll pop it into a big mixed hedgerow/shelterbelt I’m creating to protect the orchard.



    Hi Angie,


    Given that Casia is a legume it would probably host NZ blue butterflies which may lay eggs on the seedpods.  I have no idea about it’s nectar bearing capacity, and maybe someone else will. Cassia has amongst it’s members the tree that produces cinnamon, however there are many varieties. I reckon if it looks pretty and isn’t in the way – keep it! If you want the space for something else – it should go!



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