Can someone take and look after our Chrysalis? Due to hatch over Easter

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    Hi everyone

    This is the FIRST time we have had a monarch caterpillar so totally unfamiliar with them! Our first caterpillar has formed a chrysalis and is now at day 14 with absolutely no sign of hatching!

    Our second caterpillar became a chrysalis yesterday and we are now worried that there is a good chance it too might not hatch in 10 days. If it takes longer than 10 days to hatch, that will happen while we are away for the Easter break (we are going to Australia so can’t take it with us).

    I would REALLY appreciate some advice here!
    At the moment the chrysalis is well protected by predators by a custom made insect screen that I have put over the swan plant. Obviously if we leave and it has not hatched, I cant leave it trapped there (we are away for 12 days!).
    – If I take the protective insect mesh off, would it be in danger by predators if I uncover it?
    – Also concerned that it might hatch while it rains so won’t be able to fly or it will be too cold and will die!
    Not sure what to do!

    Maybe someone is willing to take our chrysalis and look after it until it hatches and then release the butterfly that we have observed from when it was a baby caterpillar. Anyone interested? We live in Milford, Auckland.

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    I can look after your chrysalis for you. I work at Milford School so I wonder if you could drop it off to me there by Friday and I will take it home with others I am caring for during the holidays. My phone number is 027 625 4697. Better to text during the day as I cannot always answer my phone.
    Happy to help, Jillian

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