Can anyone in the Manawatu help with swan plant?

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    A heart-wrenching tale from a schoolgirl at Rongotea – can anyone help?

    I have a swan plant at home and I have had about 30 or more caterpillars on my swan plant when i looked out my door one day and saw how many were on there. I read on a website to give them slices of pumpkin, a few of the adult caterpillars didnt seem interested.

    I didn’t want to handle any of the baby tiny babies cause i didn’t want to hurt them.

    I have been concerned about my baby caterpillars. I am concerned that they wont servive because there is hardly no food on the swan plant beside my sleepout and I keep an eye on them every day.

    what do i do about the babies? I do not want to pick them up or kill them. what do i feed them? a few of the adult caterpillars have eaten some of the leaves on the other swan plants.

    I love monach butterflies and i love to see them hanging around. I dont want to lose them. My mother has been helping me with them but some of them are still very tiny.

    If you could contact me on 06) 3248404 and our email address is

    thank you for your time

    Alisa Rogers

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