Butterfly does not fly – its been 2 days now since hatching!

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    Hi everyone

    Two days ago our monarch chrysalis hatched a beautiful female butterfly. Perfectly formed but it can NOT fly! It flutters, does not gain any height and just falls into the ground. Its been two days now and no sign of her being able to fly inside our house or outside. Especially outside, she tries to flutter, fall on the ground and then getting blown by the wind! I have fed her some home made nectar a few times and she quite seems to enjoy it, and then I put her on some bottlebrush flowers and she just sitting there after she is fed. Does anyone have experience with a non-flyer? Is she going to fly, ever??? Anything I can do? She is perfectly formed so it does not appear to be anything wrong with her!

    Many thanks!

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    This can happen (as Leslie says). Leave her on a bush, somewhere out of the wind, and she either will fly or won’t… If she doesn’t fly, what else can you do?



    I’ve noticed butterflies have their share of natural athletes and clutzes just like people. The wind will not be helping at all. I’ve had butterflies with obvious wing abnormalities that have learned to fly over the space of several days. I’d keep her out of the wind if possible and get her out in calm conditions to practice. hopefully she will get the confidence and the ability soon. good she is eating nectar.

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