Butterflies emerging from their chrysalises

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    Hi everyone

    Hope this is allowed – if not, Jacqui, please tell me or remove it. I have a little project, a website and blog about Monarchs, intended mostly to be an educational resource for children. (More about that in a little while, as it’s in need of work at the moment.)

    But here is my first butterfly-related YouTube video that will go onto the blog – Five Monarchs Emerging from their Chrysalises. I thought I’d share this with you, both for your interest and because I’d welcome any feedback you may have. I refer to MBNZT in the credits!

    Hope you enjoy it. (If the resolution is not great, change the quality to 1080p in the settings – it is in HD!)


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    Thank you! It’s encouraging to get such lovely feedback!

    Will do, Jacqui.

    Yes, Caryl, good point. I was thinking only of mid-summer and trying to be brief. I can’t edit the video now without losing my view count, so I will add a note in the description or comments on YouTube.

    I might need to check my text with forum members before I do the next one, to make sure I get it 100% accurate. 🙂



    Kathleen 24,
    Your filming is amazing. I always get goose bumps watching the butterflies eclose. The clarity of the film was stunning. Please do more and let us see them.
    One comment related to you saying the changing colour of the chrysalis happens over a day. It can take several days depending on the warmth. Great work!



    Yes please, Kathleen. We’d love to see it. If you could put it in a separate thread here in the forum, so people can find it at a later date.

    Great stuff.




    Thank you! So glad you like it.

    I have more in the pipeline, including a real-time video of a caterpillar pupating. It’s close up, so you can see its spiracles and the ridges of the half-formed chrysalis moving beneath the caterpillar’s skin as it wriggles. Shall I post that too, when it’s done?

    🙂 Kathleen



    Wonderful Kathleen! That really is awesome having that resource there in our forum. Great work.



    Great photography Kathleen, especially with showing the butterfly’s abdomen pumping up and down to fill its wings.

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