Brilliant use for aphids!

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    Thanks to Nigel Venters:

    "…an easy quick toxicity test is to take soil samples, and then place them in separate pots. Next get some Aphids, and place in each pot on their leaf. Check back later! Aphids are extremely sensitive to pesticide, more than any other insects I know, so if they are still alive at the end of 24 hours, then the soil will be ok. Not very scientific, but often time is vital with butterfly problems, and this quick test, purely for toxicity works well."

    Thanks to Dale McClung:

    "I also use aphids to test plants after I purchase milkweed. I put them on a plant to test for pesticides. If they live and multiply, I believe the plant to be safe for feeding."

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    A use for Aphids, now the quest is on for Praying Mantis’s now.
    Espectally those Springbrok ones!



    Wow this is a good tip worth trying.


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