Brilliant New Zealand Butterfly Photos!!

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    Precis villida appears in New Zealand occasionally, although it is considered a rare migrant. In late January/early February of 1984 a mass migration of the meadow argus butterfly (Precis villida calybe/Junonia villida calybe) was recorded arriving in N.Z. and butterflies in their thousands were observed along the West coast of the South Island.
    Unfortunately the photo no. 143 is not a Precis villida calybe, nor an Australian butterfly, so an anomaly has crept into the photo montage of N.Z. butterflies.



    They ARE fantastic, Terry. There are a few there that I know are only seen in NZ once in a “blue moon”, hehe. The Blue Moon for instance I do not consider to be a REAL NZ butterfly, and I wonder if those photographs were taken here.

    Has Precis villida ever been seen here in NZ? (143)

    Loved the picture of the egg, right at the end. Beautiful!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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