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    Don Davis, a colleague in Canada, relates his memories of the Urquharts, who discovered the overwintering site of the monarchs in Mexico.

    Don says:

    This online story only was published in the autumn 2015 issue of the University of Toronto magazine. As with the passing of time, those of us who knew the Urquharts or volunteered with them becomes fewer and fewer. I certainly did not consider myself “core” to their program, although I did join their program in 1967, and I don’t recall telling the reporter that their home was “Butterfly Central”. On September 30th of 2014, I did attend the opening ceremonies for the Urquhart Memorial Garden at University of Toronto Scarborough.

    In the photo caption, the garden is referred to as the Fred Urquhart Memorial Garden. Along with then Interim Principal Dr. Bruce Kidd (a former Olympic runner from the 1960’s) and others, we planted a few milkweeds in the garden. Fred Urquhart died at age 90 on November 2, 2002. Norah, also age 90, died in 2007.

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    Thanks fo articles!



    It is really interesting to read online story like this. Anyhow, I did not get a chance to read it from Toronto magazine. But, I am really glad to find this article here and get an opportunity to read it. Thanks for sharing!

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