Anyone need some caterpillars in Hamilton?

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    Hi all,
    I am in need of a home for my 100’s of caterpillars… our swan plants have been over-run with aphids; and the only solution is to spray. But as my plants are very happy and productive (even in winter) they are covered in caterpillars and eggs.
    I have tried moving them from one plant to another, spraying and then washing the plant a day later, spraying again and another wash, but the aphids keep coming back!
    So my plan is to re-home as many of the caterpillars as I can; spray and spray and spray, get new plants and start again.

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    Hi Jacqui
    We are in Forest Lake, my mobile is 021 047 9684



    Hi Shirls –

    Aren’t they a pain, the aphids?

    I will get in touch with a school who may take them off you. Whereabouts are you? How to contact?


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