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    Hi everyone

    Is there anyone who has the time and enough swan plants to try an experiment for me? I have virtually nothing here as my garden has been wrecked this year.

    If you have lots of swan plants, and some that you'd like to keep egg/caterpillar free, then you'd be ideal.

    Take some lettuce leaves – and zap them in a blender with water, strain the liquid, and spray on half your plants. (The others will be your control group.) Make sure that all of these plants are in the same location so Monarchs have equal access to them.

    I suggest repeating the spray on the "sprayed" plants on a weekly basis, or after rain.

    As another experiment, it would be good to try nasturtium leaves too.

    This is an organic spray that people growing Brassica crops use to fool the Cabbage White butterfly, so it would be great to see if the same theory would work the same with milkweed species; we could then convince growers to try an organic method. Keeping plants out of reach of Monarchs is a hard task, and if growers had to put them under cover I think the cost of plants would (could) go sky high.

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