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    We are raising at least 200 monarch caterpillars at the moment. Our very first time at all this! I have bought a couple of fallen chrysalis’ indoors and today a beautiful monarch has emerged from one. Its wings are still drying off i suspect, but should i pop it back on the swan plant? I’m in Dunedin and the temp here has dropped considerably in the last week. Will it be ok outdoors?

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    Thanks for your reply. Successfully released the monarch today. Hope it does well on its travels. This whole experience has been amazing. Will have to look more into tagging as don’t know much about it.

    Thanks again. Learning more every day!




    It can be released on a mild day, temps above 15 if sunny.  It doesnt want a swan plant unless it is laying eggs but it will enjoy the nectar when the sun shines, but will sup nectar of a variety of plants.  It will warm up when in the sun and then fly off and find somewhere to hang out for the winter.  It probably wont mate unless we get a return of the recent hot weather.

    Are you going to be tagging the rest of your emergent butterflies? I can help.  I am going away now for a few days but leave a message here if you want any more help.  I am in St Clair.

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