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    Hi, Angie! I’m very keen to help Red and Yellow Admirals, but don’t know where to get the initial caterpillars. I’d love to have attended your workshop – any chance of another one being held in the Henderson area? Many thanks for any advice you can offer.Ishbel.

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    Norm Twigge reports:

    My last batch of Yellow admirals oviposited on Soleirolia soleirolii, Parietaria debilis and various nettles. The plants of the first two were removed to an isolated area and development noted.

    Seven eggs were laid on a small S.soleirolii plant, and the resulting larvae were inspected on a daily basis. By the time they had reached their second instar only one remained, the other six had made their way one by one, over a period of several days, onto a nettle that was placed about 30 cms away. The 7th one remained but is much smaller than those laid on nettles at the same time.

    The 40 or so that were laid on Parietaria debilis have mostly stayed with it and at this stage appear to be comparable in growth with the larvae on the nettles. However it is early days yet and will wait for them to pupate successfully before reaching any conclusions.

    Terry had already posted his comments on the Soleirolia soleirolii, and I would agree, but our P. debilis ( NZ Pellitory ) is a different species to the, so time will tell. I am of the opinion that any / all plants that the admiral larvae will successfully feed on are worthwhile using.



    Greetings Ishbel

    Please feel free to email me:

    They have me tentatively booked at the Eco Centre again early 2009. But could prob look at doing something at a garden centre in the area, I will contact the owners and see if they can accommodate.

    I can also make some time to meet and discuss Admirals and nettle as they are my favorite subjects!

    Do you have nettle already?

    IF you don’t yet have any, go visit Oratia Native Plant Nursery, they had some large plants available not to long ago.

    Yellows are not a prob in Auckland to get eggs ( I can help later in the season if you have plenty of nettle), but the reds are a lot harder to find. I am mindful to stay in our ecological region eg, if ARC is your regional council you are in the Auckland Ecological region so I recommend not to collect eggs from outside this area.

    You need a collectors permit if you are collecting from any public lands.

    If you know people in and around Maraetai or Glendowie – get them planting nettle as that’s where my only sighting reports have come from for 2008 in the Auckland area. If there are reds in the area they will find it!




    I would love to know about it too – I’ll be there for sure.

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