Wriggling monarch chrysalis

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    I have 8 chrysalis hanging from top frame of monarch mansion located outside my window. I watch them alot and just saw 1(3-4 days old ) of them wriggling. None of the others moved so not wind. Don’t recall seeing any of last seasons wriggle. Anyone able to tell me what this could be please. Not sure if it means a parasite.Thanks

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    Hi Jacqui
    Sorry for lateness of update
    No he was a chrysalis and I am happy to report that it has eclosed into a beautiful girl and has flown off happily so no idea of what the wriggling was all about. I now have about 40 Chrysalis and haven’t observed any others wriggling. Egg numbers in Bucklands Beach remain low (2-3 day if lucky) but plants looking great and ready for the influx.



    Hi Kiwilass – so you’re saying it is first instar? It could be shedding its skin… and having difficulties.

    Otherwise… not sure. What’s happening now?


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