Where are they ?


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    I live in Hawkes Bay and have yet to see Monarch butterflys apart from the odd one
    I have grown my own plants from last year so have plenty of food for them
    Is anyone else wondering where they are?

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    I live in Devonport, Auckland and have lots of caterpillars at all stages, have even had a couple butterflies emerge already. I have spent the past few years ‘raising’ butterflies so have added hundreds to the local population…maybe that has made a difference.



    Hi Janet I am also in Hawkes Bay with plants ready and waiting and I have not seen one monarch butterfly or eggs yet.
    Maybe it’s just going to be a late season?



    I seem to have some infertile eggs too … but a little gang of six caterpillars I hope to get through. Neighbors have plenty of eggs on their plants be interesting to see how many hatch.



    Quite a few people contacting me concerned at the low numbers, Janet, while there are a number of people (low number) who have many eggs and caterpillars. The numbers will round out as the season progresses but I did do some research last summer when the population dropped in February (very few eggs and many were infertile).

    This meant that in March we had the same or similar numbers to those which return from overwintering (low numbers). So the numbers didn’t bounce back as there wasn’t time before winter, therefore lower numbers than usual overwintering, and fewer returning last spring.

    It’s fascinating, I think! Hopefully nothing to be worried about.


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