Wellington Monarchs

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    Oh my Gosh! I noticed many monarch eggs on my swan plants today, and later a female laying. A joy to see as laying usually does not occur till much later in the year (I’m in Roseneath) for me.. Then another Oh my Gosh! moment was later that same morning walking through kaiwarawhara I sighted 10+ monarchs flittering amongst the tree tops.
    Reflecting on my joyful moments of the day, as I was driving through the CBD, stopped at lights and a monarch flittered past my car. Oh my Gosh again..Don’t despair fellow Welly’s as they are out there and hopefully visiting your garden soon..

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    I believe our Karori monarchs hang out in the Karori cemetery over winter … its got lots of old pines and bush and its got well planted garden areas with flowering shrubs and plants. I bike through there quite a bit and on a warm day I usually see some out and about.



    100 monarch eggs on their way to Gore today. Interesting they have better spring temperatures there and monarchs don’t visit until December I believe. The eggs will allow another generation of monarchs to eclose and mate. I am likely to have plenty of eggs if others in the South Island would like some – overnight courier is $8.00 to urban areas. Caryl (Seatoun, Wellington)



    Yes plenty flying round our Karori garden 🙂 I have some plants under nets to save them for later on … but I saw a butterfly swoop in a small gap in the netting, lay eggs and find another small gap to get out again … and they are meant to have poor eyesight? Oh, and last week I was riding my horse out the back of a farm in Makara where there is a lot of nettles, and the air was full of Red Admirals .. so lovely 🙂



    Great to hear, down there. Hope more settled weather arrives soon. I am tired of the rainy weather.



    Yes joy indeed. I have had eggs since the beginning of September and shortly I will have cats munching away. Last season it took 77 days from egg to butterfly!
    Hope we all have a great season. Caryl in Seatoun
    PS Plenty of small swan plants in the nurseries.

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