Urtica crosses between ferox and incisa?

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    My new Urtica ferox, a couple of weeks in the ground, is so happy it’s flowering (or maybe it’s a last ditch effort because it thinks it is going to die:/). It’s about a metre away from a clump of flowering U.incisa. I read somewhere about a cross happening between U. incisa and U. australis – the result being a plant with leaves larger than U. incisa. Could this happen with the two I’ve got? I’ve also got 2 lots of U. incisa in pots, thinking that this might help keep some genetic purity, if I want to save seed. Is pollination in nettles by wind or insect? I’ve also just acquired some U. australis seed (from Trademe) which I’ll be trying to germinate soon, so would appreciate some ideas on how others have grown a mix of species together.

    Susan – first nettle season (Hibiscus Coast)

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    I’m sure it will be very evident if a ferox is involved in any crosses, but perhaps this is a not so desirable outcome regarding handling issues.

    I’m looking at next summer for raising some admirals, when food supplies should be greater. That’s if nature doesn’t decide otherwise – I spotted 2 yellow admirals earlier in the season, they must have sniffed out the nettles, which were still tucked away in the greenhouse at that stage:)



    Pollination of nettles is normally by wind, as the size of the flower is very small. Different species of nettle can cross pollinate if they are flowering at the same time and close by. I had a U.ferox x U.australis cross a couple of years ago, which had the more oval leaf shape of the australis but with the large spines of the ferox.

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