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    Many of you are crying out for swan plants and a North Island grower has generously offered a solution.

    Bruce Sanson from The Plant Place in Hamilton has offered to make a trip next week as far south as Christchurch with a load of 1.2 to 1.5 metre swan plants, priced at $5 each. To make it worth his while, he will need to sell at least 600 of them. He could drop them off at points anywhere between Hamilton and Christchurch, of course.

    Remember that there are potentially two more generations of monarch caterpillars to come this season – and each generation the number of monarchs increases hugely. If we provide plenty of food for them now, we have more monarchs overwintering…

    Originally this offer was for financial members of the MBNZT but it is so generous, and this is what we are set up to do, that we are opening it to anyone… But please consider taking out a subscription to our magazine as a way of paying it forward. The more members we have, the more we can help NZ butterflies.

    If you and your friends and colleagues are interested, please:

    * contact your friends and others and see how many plants they would like,

    * email brucesanson@hotmail.com with an indication of how many plants you would buy IF this trip goes ahead. He will need to know your location, quantity you can distribute, and phone numbers would be helpful too. You will be paying him cash on delivery.

    Remember, this trip won’t happen if people want one or two – he needs to get a total order of 600 or so to cover his expenses – and you need to act quickly.

    For more information email brucesanson@hotmail.com, SWAN PLANTS in the subject would be helpful too. Please don’t ask questions here that Bruce can answer as he is the one to ask! Just trying to offer a service to people who are desperate for plants and can’t access them.

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    Matt – I think you already know the answer as you’ve contributed to another thread. The answer is “yes” in case I’ve got my wires crossed. 🙂



    Are you making a the trip to Christchurch Branson? I Did email you last week but haven’t heard back. Thanks.


    rob cooper

    please support this man hes going to do a fab job for people running out of food for pillers for 5 dollars for a nice size plant



    Caryl that’s a fabulous offer … thenkyou 🙂 I’ve had a post on neighborly and have had people contacting Bruce direct using my name but I had no idea how we would handle so many orders. I’ll have work commitments through the week so can’t be here all the time. If you can be the drop off point all we need to do is arrange payment i.e. direct to Bruce or whatever the case.




    Im crossing on the ferry 2-30am Thurs so will be travelling south via Rotorua & Taranaki possibly leaving on Tue but arriving in Wellington Wed avo into evening staying in a motel somewhere central to orders – I’ll be in Christchurch Thurs afternoon & available again Thurs evening afta loading the tank. Available Chch again Fri morning but need to leave Chch by late morn for a 7pm ferry. Available briefly Sat morn in Welly prob going north Hawkes Bay side to Napier …….



    Hi & no I havent received an email from u Caryl – but I sure need some help to find a centralised dropoff or pickup point – I’m wondering if it shud be a motel I might stay at & u can all come in the evening til late – people might think were swapping cannabis plants lol. Or the ferry terminal area perhaps. Anyway text me tonite or tomorrow 0274 821 124 with yr email or we can talk it over I cud give u all the ph nos or emails for u to contact & yr plants cud be free for helping out – I’m really too busy it looks daunting 36 emails & half in yr area – I run a g ctre n understaffed – I must be in Chch Thurs evening to coordinate with 8 young men to lift a heavy fish tank into my hopefully empty by then van so I wont have a day to wait for everyone in Wellington to come at various times around their work – all on the one evening afta traffic has settled might be best. I still have to book a ferry n that may dictate which night or morn I might cross – so tomorrow u’ll all hear from me or us cheers…………..



    I am wondering if anyone has had an email responded to by Bruce. I love his idea and would be willing to co-ordinate Wellington orders to make it easier for his delivery. I am concerned though that he has a hotmail email address and in my past experience if a contact is not in his contact list in hotmail then the message goes straight to trash or spam and he is unlikely to see it. I emailed him Friday and have had no response. Caryl

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