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    While watching 2 monarch flying about yesterday they were joined by a much smaller similar coloured butterfly.
    What could it be? Looking at my sheet it looked like a painted lady but what size is a painted Lady? It was NOT an admiral as they visit often & are larger.

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    Yes, I have seen 2 of the small butterflies today. They would be Copper, but which I don’t know. Orange & black with no white. Too small for a Painted Lady or Admirals. We do have Yellow Admirals in the garden most summers.


    Dane Keriboi Hawker

    I saw a copper in the weekend in wanganui. was very cool!



    Possibly, I didn’t realize how many similar ones there were. I am hoping for another fine day tomorrow to sit out and watch. It has been too windy lately.
    Thanks for the wingspans. Not near the coast. Will check out the plant Muehlenbeckia.



    Hi Tabbycat – are you near the coast? Do you have Muehlenbeckia growing near you? Could it have been a copper?

    Monarchs 80-110mm wingspan
    Painted ladies 40-60mm
    Admirals wingspan is 50-60mm
    Coppers 20-30mm

    Hope that helps!


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