Native stinging nettle – urticas

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    Greeting, for those looking for nettle Oratia has a few plants left:

    U.Incisa in PB3 $7.00 (4 left)

    U.Ferox in PB3 $7.00 (11 left)

    U.Australis in PB3 $7.00 (45 left)

    When you visit, remind them to plant more for next year!

    Yellow admirals will eat all of the above.


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    Hi I am finding that they lay mainly on the incisa in my garden, but saying that they seem to lay on any nettle thats about. I am finding that the YA do well on all the nettles in NZ. After my steep learning curve about the mites, I am keeping most my plants outside the house and using it for mainly a flight area. Am producing more caterpillars and they seem to be healthier. I collect them up when they get to a larger size and then keep them on one plant to chrysilise. Norm had a great system that I will adapt. Boxes that you put the whole plant in, the cats chrylisise on the top and then you can remove the plant.

    I am growing some seedlings of U.Urens so will see how they like it.



    Hi Wings
    You don’t need to thank me for my support, I am just happy to see you doing so well with your Admirals and Nettles. I wish I could get some seeds of Urtica Australis over to the UK. I need a Nettle with big leaves to grow in my Butterfly House. I don’t think Ferox would be a good plant to have, especially in a confined space like the Butterfly House, I could see myself getting badly stung as I am not the most careful person when it comes to touching my Nettles.
    Do your Yellow Admirals feed on U Ferox ok, I have heard that the Reds like them the most and the yellows like U Urens.
    I find that my Yellow Admirals prefer U Urens to U dioica and always lay more Ova on the former.



    Hi Terry
    U.Dioica is becoming more and more a pest nettle in new zealand, so with trying not to get offside with our weedbusters I am encouraging the use of the three nz natives that are commercially grown (only a couple of nursuries )to grow as these will not ever be a restricted plant.

    U.Incisa I am finding is a great plant as it keeps coming back a little like U.Dioica, I am growing seeds of U.Urens to see how that goes (thanks Norm). I have been told that this seed does not need to be ecosourced as the genetic diversity is negilible. A local radion station is looking at promoting this nettle to encourage newcommers to plant it. The host, has nettles in his garden but was not getting butterflies, I am now supplying him with catapillars (hes only down the road) and is hooked!

    U.Australis is a great nettle, it has very large leaves and feeds both yellow and reds, and just keeps growing back time and time again. This is from the chathams but is classified an NZ native. As there is no need to eco source seed, it can be planted anywhere in new zealand. The Chatham red admiral is diffent from the New zealand red.

    U.Ferox is my fav at the moment, it is fast growing and gets very large if cared for. It can also tollerate dry conditions so a great plant to have in a pot. Again leaf size can be large if kept in a shaded area, watered and feed.

    I spend hours potting up seedlings for sale and to increase my ability to supply food for my admirals. have released 52 now, thats a great effort for this area and have given away another 50+ cats and eggs.

    Am now seeing admirals in the garden, so they are returning. I have tagged a couple with nail polish and found that weeks later they turn up in the garden again… YAY!

    I thank you Terry and Norm for all the info and support, I dont think I would have got to the stage I am now if I didnt have the info you both supplied.




    If you are allowed to grow the introduced U Dioica in your area, this would be the Nettle I would recommend, As the summer progresses and the this species becomes straggly, just cut it down to the ground and it will produce fresh leaves that will attract egg laying Red and Yellow Admiral Females in your area.


    Yes all the natives like shade and being damp, but also survive in sunny and dry conditions they just get a little straggly and leaves are alot smaller.

    Over the long weekend, meet Norm from Whakatane and visited his butterfly house and nttle production. He keeps his on the shady side of a shed under shadecloth and has the largest U.Ferox leaves I have seen, so they grow very well in shade.

    U.Austalis I have seen in a Garden in GreyLynn, under trees thats gets afternoon sun has leaves the size of my hand! The plant is mulched and well watered.

    The stings from all the nettles are all slightly diffenet.

    U.Ferox being the worst as it lasts longer and has a numbing effect. Dock and Lavender oil are said to work well to reduce the effects of the sting.



    The plants I got from you are doing well but do all of the above varieties like a part-shady position? From your experience are the stings from the different varieties of a similar intensity? I have not tried out the ferox yet!


    Oratia is in West Auckland

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