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    Do you oppose the proposed introduction of the moth plant beetle (APP203667), to control a nasty weed, but which MIGHT also affect our swan plants?

    The authorities have tested the beetle on various species and this is what they have to say about its effect on Tweedia:


    ” Tweedia is a potential field host to the beetle and could support populations (of the milkweed beetle). There are no other species in the same subtribe in NZ…

    “…it is likely that the beetle would attack tweedia, however,
    such attacks would be incidental or spill-over effects where moth plant and tweedia grow in close proximity to each other. Tweedia is not a big earner for nurseries and garden centres and the potential risk posed to tweedia is acceptable when considered in the context of moth plant’s adverse effects on natural environments and biodiversity values.”

    No-one can be certain that if this beetle is allowed into the country, it won’t affect our swan plants or other milkweed. You have until this Friday (15 March, 5pm) to make a submission. Please take action NOW!!! Please share this information to anyone who loves monarch butterflies – they need to be involved in the decision-making.

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    I see some testing has happened on two forms of swan plant, gomphocarpus fructicosus and ascelpias curassavica (tropical). So are these the main types of swanplant that we grow here? Sorry i’m a bit dim on the subject lol. My initial reaction to the documents and testing regime is testing is too limited and lacks information on how adaptive these beetles are .. what do they do ‘if’ they scoff the mothplant and need something else?



    Regarding Cleopus japonicus, my buddleias are making a comeback this season – the beetle doesn’t seem to be having much impact.

    Regarding buddleias – which garden centre is selling them – and which one are they selling? Probably not B. davidii. The others aren’t recognised as a pest species.



    I dont know what is going on in this country. First they import cleopus Japonicus to kill all the buddleia, cannot grow it here now as it just gets desimated. Then I see it being sold back in Mitre 10 in this area again and the plant people dont know anything about that. What is the point of selling it if it will not survive? Now they are looking to import moth plant beetle to kill the moth vine and possibly tweedia and possibly swan plants?

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