Monarch proboscis

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    I read a comment on the forum that a butterfly’s proboscis was still in 2 parts, having not ‘zipped’, At what stage do the 2 parts become one?

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    sorry I forgot to add I usually keep my butterflys in the cool and shade till its appropriate to release them (weather usually) But when it came apparent this guy was having problems with his proboscis I shifted him into my hothouse through the days so he had some warmth and better light. Interestingly he made no attempt to fly off when his proboscis was split even when he had the opportunity and good weather. But he did fly away when he was ready after about a week and that was when things had improved considerably. I think low light affects them in many ways.



    split proboscis

    I had one that took about 5 days and even then it was a little bit ragged but hopefully good enough, it flew off ok. During that time I fed it a couple of times by standing it up to its knees in nectar and faceplanting it :). It slowly improved. I think it was all part of the late time of season. I think normally they knit together on day 1.

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