Too many monarch eggs – Tauranga

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    kaths puss cat

    Hi everyone. I’ve just re-planted my gardens to make butterfly friendly ones and perhaps someone can help with a problem I have. All my swan plants are still too small (about 20cm tall) to feed the dozens of eggs that have appeared already. Also my flower plants have still got a long way to go to be able to feed the butterflies. I’ve been taking the eggs off, but there might be a suggestion as to what I could do to save them. I’d appreciate any comments please.

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    kaths puss cat

    Thank you for that Jacqui. I’m going to take a trip to Te Puna soon because I believe the gardens there are beautiful. Every day there are butterflies flying around here so I can’t wait for my garden to hurry up and grow!



    As you’re in Tauranga always remember the good folks at Te Puna Quarry Park. Mary (who is the chief butterfly lady there) tells me that there are some cheap plants at Bunnings at present, if that helps. However, she doesn’t have food to spare or need eggs right now.


    kaths puss cat

    Hi Jacqui
    Thank you for your response to my enquiry. I live in Tauranga and I think you’re in Auckland.
    The one big swan plant I had died on me and now I have to wait for these others
    to grow. I’ve actually got about 30 swan plants growing well (not in the gardens yet) but are still too small for caterpillars.
    Now I’ll keep planting seeds at various intervals so I don’t run out.



    Hi Kaths Puss Cat, It’s best to cover small swan plants so this doesn’t happen. Netting will not allow the females to lay their eggs. Jacqui has offered to take some eggs and there may be others on this site who know how to care for the eggs.
    You need to make sure people know how to care for the leaves so they don’t curl up and then the egg is lost. Good luck. Let us know what happens. Caryl (Wellington)



    Hi Kaths Puss Cat

    Whereabouts are you?

    Perhaps someone in your area could give you some cuttings of larger plants. I would gladly take your eggs off you, too, to raise caterpillars if you were close.

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