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    NZ’s monarch butterflies are looking for ambassadors! They will probably be aged 7-11, grow swan plants at home or school, knowledgeable about and enjoy helping monarch butterflies and caterpillars.

    It is quite possible that they would feature in the media, sharing their stories and helping adults understand about the interconnectedness of Nature.

    If you have a confident would-be ambassador in your midst, please record a video of them answering a couple of simple questions and post it to our Facebook page OR email the video to for publication!

    Please get them to answer the following questions on the video:

    • Why do you love monarchs?
    • Why should people be kind to butterflies?
    • What’s your best bit of advice about raising monarchs?

    Please feel free to share this with teachers and families etc. We look forward to hearing from your Monarch Ambassadors.

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    Just as soon as you can Gill We think these things are easy but they’re not Lol



    is there a time limit for sending Jacqui this video. my kids at school have been trying unseuccessfully – first the !Pad didn’t record sound properly so my wee girl couldn’t be heard. Then they tried using a video camera but now have to figure how to transfer to my computer drive so I can end to you Jacqui. What a rigmarole technology can be at times. Thanks, Jill Dinniss, Bethlehem school enviro facilitator

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