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    Hello, this is the first year I am raising some monarchs. I hatched 17 butterflies last month and have 25 chrysalis this time round with 5 already hatched. The very first butterfly ‘hatched’ Friday during the cold and rain. When I cam home from work the plant was only had one butterfly so I assumed the first one had dried his wings and flown away. On Saturday morning I was walking on the deck, looked down and there was a poor monarch, soaking wet and, I thought, was dead.

    I am confident he is my first born from yesterday – when I picked him up he moved – HE WASN’T DEAD !!! He was very cold so I let him sit in my hands for about 10 minutes to warm him up and placed him on the swan plants that have all the chrysalis on (no caterpillars). I did noticed his wings looked a bit damaged – a small tear in one of the bottom wings and ‘worn, transparent’ patched elsewhere which I assume is from abrading on the wooden deck. I fed him but noticed his proboscis did not curl up properly – it just curved rather than curled as so also stuck out quite a bit. Anyway today he appears much stronger and his proboscis is ‘curling’ like the norm. He is trying to fly but cannot. Is there anyone out Franklin way who has the capacity to perhaps perform major surgery and do a wing transplant? I have seen the youtube clip on how to do it but I have no ‘spare’ wings and wouldn’t be confident to attempt it anyway.

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    Great to hear AceTrace!!! Well done.




    OMG – HE JUST FLEW AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it – I’m so happy. I picked him up off the floor as he had fallen off the swan plant (the plants are in my dining area in front of the ranch slider – they replaced the table – lol) as I was turning to put him back on the plant he fluttered off and out the ranch slider onto the deck. I bent down to pick him up again and as I was lifting him up he flew off – up, up and away, over the roof and off into the trees. Yay!! My first born is free !!!

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