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    Hi. I have hardly seen any Monarchs in my garden this year (or round about) and so no eggs or caterpillars on my swan plants. How is everyone else doing?


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    Lots of “old” B/fly’s near Dargaville Sept/Oct, very few raggity ones left now, lots of chrysalis to hatch out over next 2-3 weeks and still heaps of cat’s fattening up nicely, a little wasp and shield bug damage, not too bad. Second year plants mostly over 6 feet and floushing, almost unbelievable growth,—-my wife warned me this morning “not to blow the plants out” through too much feeding.I have fertalised them twice six weeks apart, I think they’re fine.Cheers Neil



    Hi Gillian,

    Same up here in Massey Auckland. I have had 2 pillars who have now turned into a chrysalis, a couple of eggs on the plants which haven’t come to anything yet.

    I did have quite a few eggs but they seem to have vanished. Check my plants constantly for bugs, eggs etc. I have made up a wasp catcher and hope to deter the little beggers into this.

    I just hope its a bit early for Mrs Monarch and she will be arriving soon to lay her eggs.


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