Monarch chrysalis almost ready to become butterfly

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    Joyce fowler

    I have a chrysalis almost ready to fly, I usually not know when these chrysalis hind but now have one I’m watching. If someone in Christchurch is able to teach me about tagging when this one is ready, I’d like some help. Thanks PS I’m very much a learner in butterfly’s.

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    rob cooper

    jacqui the wasp does not take the eggs new pillers only i have proved this i look for new eggs each day i put a bit of tape on each leaf so dont have to bring them inside to lose have never lost a egg to a wasp only if im to late to check out the ones that hatched and the wasp got them


    rob cooper

    did your butterfly fly then



    Regarding tagging, please note that 1 March is an indicative date only. It’s very hard for us humans to know when the monarchs are going into diapause but it will be some time in the autumn. They don’t go by the same seasonal calendar as us!

    During the summer we watch for these indications of autumn coming (which of course will differ in different parts of the country):

    1. Social wasps harvest eggs and caterpillars over the course of the summer.

    2. Next indication that summer is drawing to a close: Social wasps stop eating eggs, caterpillars and transfer to looking for nectar

    3. Next: usually eggs become a common sight on swan plants – as the wasps leave them alone. They will still be taken by other predators such as praying mantis, ants etc.

    4. Next: caterpillars also will survive on the swan plants – some of them which are not taken by predators mentioned in stage 3.

    5. Next: egg-laying ceases. When you are noticing that there are no more eggs, THIS is the beginning of diapause and if you haven’t already started tagging, it’s the best time to get into it.

    Usually the date of 1 March means that most regions are included. However, there are plenty of tags available, so if you still have pupae coming, request more through the website. Do not send request tags by email, please.



    Hello Joyce, Welcome to the wonderful world of monarchs. We do not tag until March 1. Where are you? I am in Wellington. Is your chrysalis inside or outside? Caryl



    Hi Joyce – for info about tagging click out the “Taggin and transects” button to the left, and if you need any more info. please email me


    rob cooper

    ok so getting black and orange then they usaully hatch in the morning till about 1pm so when they hatch it will crawl out from the bottom it will pull itself up to the top of the pupa with its legs its wings will look ugly all scunched up they should slowly drop and form around about 30 mins they will be wet just leave them alone baybe in 2hrs they mite start flapping there wings they may stay there for ages dont worry and as for tagging dont do that till march do you have tags hope this helps

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