Chrysalis not opening

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    I have a chrysalis that turned clear and I thought it would hatch yesterday. Everything looks fine with it but it still has not hatched. Has anyone else had this happen? Is it still alive? Can I "help" it hatch? I’m in Florida and we did get a cold front yesterday but today it was in the 80’s. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy because I’ve spent the better part of my Saturday and my hands and knees staring at the underside of a table….

    I had another one that did hatch today and it has a deformed antenna. Wondering if this could be disease? I’m new to this and trying to learn. I had a tropical milkweed come up in my yard last year and ended up raising about 30 Monarch’s. These are the only ones that I have had this year and it’s November!

    Thank you for your input!!!

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    Hi MAC,

    I got a laugh about your under the table antics!

    Any news did it hatch yet?

    I thought the above advice both good and think try Annas first and then Pepetunas if no luck with Annas :/



    Mac…I wonder if you misted it with a plant mister incase the shell of the chrysalis is too dry/hard?



    Kia ora MAC. It’s distressing when they don’t emerge whole and perfect isn’t it? Other more experienced butterfly rearers may be able to give you more specific advice about what caused the first one not to emerge, but if it was only one that failed, my advice is to kindly put an end to any suffering by putting it in the freezer for a time. It is possible that it is still alive at the moment, but unlikely: it is more likely it has dehydrated since when it first began trying to emerge.

    The other one, with the deformed antenna, most likely just got slightly damaged when it was a chrysalis.

    Hopefully you will have better luck next year.

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