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    Hi everyone

    I had an inquiry about aphids with spring coming on, affecting swan plants. Evidently the “warm, wet winter” didn’t put paid to the population.

    What I would do is to cut off every bit of plant that I could find covered in aphids and put them straight into a plastic bag and try not to let any of them escape. I would feed my plants well – NitrophosKa works well.

    I would also get in touch with Bioforce and buy Aphidius colemanii and release them near the swan plants.

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    No, that’s not the “wrong” thing to do – but remember the adults have wings and due to their size you may not get them all. If you don’t get them all the numbers can build up very quickly, so it’s good to have quite a few ideas in store in case suddenly you have millions of aphids and all your plants are dying.



    Thanks for the tips, Jacqui!I usually just rub them of, is that the wrong thing to do?



    Very timely – Bioforce were on TV this morning, Rural Delivery.

    https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/rural-delivery/episodes/s2017-e27 – not sure how long this will be on TVNZ On Demand though.


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