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    A reminder about the AGM next weekend, in Auckland.

    We’ll be showing this movie after our AGM next week.

    Saturday, 5 March, 1 pm at Mt Albert YMCA, Taylor Room, 773 New North Rd, Mt Albert

    All welcome!

    Afterwards we will be showing the documentary, The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies. More information here:

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    Just a reminder to any financial members who aren’t aware of meeting protocol – the AGM is YOUR meeting and YOUR chance to raise anything about how the Trust is run that you so desire.

    Any matters can be raised under general business. There are certain restrictions, however, as to what we can DO at the AGM, we cannot make changes.

    If you want to change the trust deed (which is basically our ‘rules’, just given another name) then we have to invite input from all financial members – so while those at the meeting on Saturday can make a suggestion… organise a “special” meeting to give every financial member an opportunity to have input. This doesn’t happen overnight. The process is fully explained in our trust deed.

    Bear in mind, though, that questions can be raised at any time of the year by raising a matter with the trustees. You send an email to or write to the PO Box and your message will be presented and discussed at the next trustee meeting (held each month). If you don’t think the trust is doing a good job, please tell us! We would love to hear your suggestions – suggestions about what we SHOULD be doing, not just what you think we are doing wrong.

    Discussion will be minuted (and all trustees then agree that the minutes are a correct record of the discussion) and the person raising the matter will then receive a response from us.

    My time at present is limited and any spare time I’m trying to track down Christchurch members of another organisation for people back in the UK – so not a good time for me. I hope this is enough information for financial members to close off this discussion.



    You did say the other day, Jacqui, that the agenda “should” be on the website soon?
    Good luck to Jeff Knapp raising the accounting year issue at the meeting. I raised this with you a couple of years ago and you said it was not possible?
    Mind you, not being able to organise final accounting within four months for such a such small turnover is odd also.
    Maybe managing the trust has grown beyond your own management expertise on your own? Could you share the responsibility?
    The original trust deed is on the Charities Commission website, with some amendments, but not that 2009 one about the AGM timing. Nor the one that says you don’t need a chairman, as stated some while ago.



    The agenda was in the Summer newsletter, Char, which everyone financial received in December.

    The programme for the afternoon has changed, but not the agenda for the AGM. The programme for the afternoon is in the Autumn newsletter, out today.

    You raise some good points about the timing of things. The date of the AGM has already been changed once, and it requires a general meeting with adequate notice of the business to be discussed going to the members.

    Jeff Knapp has suggested that we change the end of the financial year too. It’s not an easy exercise and needs full discussion. No doubt these points can/will be discussed under General Business.

    In the original trust deed I think our AGM was in September (see original trust deed) but there was not enough time to get the accounts finished and audited in that time frame, hence at an AGM a few years ago the trust deed was rewritten to give more time. And “nine months” after the end of the financial year got us through the Christmas rush, the summer holidays, the start of school year… hence March.



    Hi Jacqui,

    I can’t find the agenda for the meeting on our website.
    Is there an agenda out yet?

    Do we have any projects planned?

    I also think the AGM should be changed to a time to reflect the financial year, as at the current time of March is 8 – 9 months after the beginning of the financial year.
    So we’re looking at a budget that is 8 – 9 months old.




    Thanks, Jacqui. Shame they can’t provide you with an electronic copy to publish.
    I hope the trust is having a better year financially this year.



    Click on each page, it will open up in a new window.

    Then click again, and it magnifies it.



    Hi jacqui and Darren
    The financial report on the site is unreadable for me, even greatly magnified. Any suggestions?



    My questions were intended as rhetorical, but thanks for clarifying that.



    Yes, it’s been considered in the past as a project.

    The tags have been paid in the past by either grants or funds raised.

    One year we tried asking for each tagger to pay for their tags. This was no problem for the taggers as the cost was minimal, but created a huge headache for the treasurer and admin at the time. We issue receipts for everything, printing out two copies, one for the files, one for the person who paid. It slowed the process down as the transaction had to go from the incoming mail (not email) to the treasurer to the person sending out the tags to be allocated and then out.



    Does tagging count as a project? Who pays for all those free tags we send out?



    Hi jacqui
    You well know I was a working journalist for many years before I moved to other media interests, so of course I have sat through many a long, boring meeting. Out of the chaff sometimes come the best ideas and stories.
    I don’t get the newsletters this year because I did not renew my subscription due the priority placed on an office and salaries which I can’t see warranted for an organisation with some 400 members and no visible projects.
    The website is good.
    As a supporter, but a not a current financial member, it’s not worth my while to attend the AGM unless there’s a compelling reason. The year is two thirds over by the time you hold the AGM, which is rather odd.
    Some open discussions on the forum about possible projects might encourage more to invest financially?



    The agenda should be available shortly, Trisha – I’ll put something there when it’s on the site. We advertised the meeting in the last newsletter, but no-one has asked for anything special to be discussed (yet) so the meeting may end up to be a bit of a formality.

    Regarding “business being kept to a minimum”, I have been to AGM’s where everyone stays away because the business is protracted, drawn out unnecessarily. We are not trying to say that things won’t be discussed, but rather there won’t be unnecessary disussion. For instance, the minutes of the last AGM are on the website, and will not be read out. Nothing worse than meetings that drag on forever.

    However, if someone wants something discussed, there will be every opportunity to raise it. It is best to be forewarned so any necessary research can be done, and appropriate paperwork taken along if necessary. But any financial member can raise any issue they like under General Business.

    Hope that explains the wording, and hope to see you there.





    Hi Jacqui
    When will the agenda and financial reports be available on the website? The meeting is six days away.
    I haven’t renewed my subscription for this year yet, but might do so if there is anything worthwhile discussing on the agenda.
    Although, I did see in one enews thingie that business will be kept to a minimum? This is the one business meeting of the year that members can participate in, so I wonder why it’s preferred to keep business at a minimum? Will members be able speak at all?

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