Admiral chrysalis moving

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    Hi All,
    Ive recently started raising admirals, weeding stinging nettle plants from my sisters garden, and one of them made their chrysalis on our vacuum cleaner pipe (tough little caterpillar helped with most of the vacuuming before it was noticed, i now have insect netting over their plants to stop them wandering too far) i had to move it today and it started wriggling when i did, which gave me a bit of a fright, a google search says red admiral chrysalis will wiggle when touched, but i have four other chrysalis so far, that dont seem to move when touched, the two butterflies ive had have been yellow admirals so i was wondering if anyone knows if yellow admiral chrysalis move when touched as well??

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    Damn i hope not Terry,
    wow im kinda glad i didn’t know the top of their chrysalis was soft, i think i would have been too scared to move it otherwise. the very wiggly one doesn’t seem to wiggle much either now its hanging back up so hopefully i’m just not annoying them enough, i did manage to get a tiny wiggle out of another one but i don’t really like poking at them too much and they look good otherwise i think, so yes i will wait and see with fingers crossed 🙂



    Red Admiral and Yellow Admiral pupae will normally wiggle when touched. Reasons why they won’t is if they contain parasites of pteromalus puparum or are diseased. If diseased they will soon go black and soft, if parasitism is the cause they will be full of small fly larvae. Best wait and see. They will produce butterflies after approx 2 weeks in warm weather maybe 3 in colder weather. You will know if they are alive as they will start to colour up. (you will see the butterfly wings showing through the pupae before emergence)

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