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All about some of the projects that the Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust has undertaking or plans to implement.

Ellerslie International Flower Show 13

Colourful nectar plants…

Ellerslie International Flower Show 12

This huge caterpillar kindly accepted donations.

Ellerslie International Flower Show 11

Gumboots and gardening gloves were our brochure holders.

Ellerslie International Flower Show 10

Here you see the whole display, nearly finished. We’ve replaced the screen with the embroidery, much admired, provided by Maureen Trotter.

Ellerslie International Flower Show 9

Beverley and her friend Dorothy didn’t realise they’d be working so hard! We shifted and reorganised and shuffled those plants until we were absolutely happy with where they were. Beverley laid weedmat to make the floor even tidier. Sticky Business donated lots of adhesive flowers to add a spot of colour and blend things like […]

Ellerslie International Flower Show 8

The rainbow of nectar plants was in place. We kept repeating our rhyme for the rainbow (Richard Of York Gives Battle In Vain) (red – orange – yellow – green – blue – indigo – violet). There were some lighthearted arguments about where in the spectrum colours like pink and mauve came, but we put […]

Ellerslie International Flower Show 7

Even at night it was looking exciting! Vicky Steele had created an awesome PowerPoint presentation, which would have answered many questions for the gardeners and this was to be screened across the top of the display – but the distance was too great and it didn’t happen. We had to remove the screen. Go to […]

Ellerslie International Flower Show 6

Member Desiree Osmond asked if her husband could be useful…. Could he ever!!! Ross was fantastic, taking on lots of handyman jobs, including the next stage of the glasshouse. It was a huge task, thank heavens he came along.

Ellerslie International Flower Show 5

All hands to the deck! The glasshouse was being built by various bodies – and a team of volunteers repotted the plants so that we could group them in a rainbow shape. Sticky Business offered the use of a desk (brilliant!). It was invaluable!

Ellerslie International Flower Show 4

Meanwhile outside the marquee, other areas under canvas were blowing away. These were retail sites which fortunately were not to be occupied until the day before the show opened. On this particular day they closed the site – it was just too dangerous. A huge totara tree got blown down that night!