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All about some of the projects that the Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust has undertaking or plans to implement.

Oe (Ophryocystis elektroscirrha)

Friends at the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA, gave us permission to upload a presentation about this Protozoan parasite that affects Monarch butterflies around the world. Download the presentation here: OE It is a pps file (shows in Microsoft PowerPoint). If you do not have this program, you […]

Educational Resources

To advance to the next page, you will need to have paid $10 to the Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust, and you will receive the password. This replaces the CD which we distributed earlier. When you enter your password you will have access to a range of educational resources for use in schools and/or by parents. […]

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my own hatching

Tagging 2009

Awesome photograph, (c) Cos Ray, Tauranga, of tagged Monarch: Email for high resolution photograph for publication. Click on the blue link below to download the press release (pdf) sent out today about tagging… Press Release Tagging 2009

Tagging Update, 2008-9

This year we will be tagging up to 20,000 butterflies, most probably beginning 1 March (but this will be confirmed by Barrie Frost). The data from previous years is currently being analysed – but already we can share with you this map showing the Abundance of Monarchs across all the years of research by MBNZT […]

Tokoroa A&P Show

Great work Stu McPherson, who writes:/ / /I believe the show was a success. Our space was right next to a door and the other entrance was right opposite my site. Started out slowly but picked up after the Christmas parade finished. / /The three// of us managed to field everyone’s questions and after speaking […]

Templates for information for new website

Here are the templates for those who are helping with the information on the new website. Templates for collecting data for new website You will need Microsoft Word to use these.

School holiday butterfly fun

These would be a good idea for those members that are starting school holidays. These butterflies were created last Christmas and involve my kids hand prints side by side. Then an outline is created in a butterfly shape. Each one doesnt take long to make but become a moment of a child’s life, from that […]

A new beginning

The Teacher Fellows have started working with us! These are three primary school teachers, based  in Christchurch, South Auckland and Bay of Islands, who will be doing research over the first half of this year into the Monarch butterfly and their migratory patterns over the autumn. I am starting this blog (web log) so that […]