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There are something like 23 different butterflies in NZ – this is the place to post pictures and thoughts on the other butterflies seen in our country.

Raising Yellow Admirals

Terry shared these photos of sterilising eggs and refrigerating them. The photos show small larvae emerging from eggs after removing plastic boxes from refrigerator. You can see the eggs at the base of boxes and the larvae climbing up the sides. The photos were only done on my mobile phone so are poor quality but […]

Rarangi Landcare

——– Original Message ——– Subject: Rarangi Landcare photos of insects Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 14:04:04 +1300 From: TRUDIE LASHAM <> To: Hi Jacqui: thanks for nominating our Landcare Group. It’s been quite a challenge restoring native foreshore plants on a public beach over the last ten years. Just thought you might want to […]

Admiral parasite

Rob Herd has forwarded these photographs of a parasite on an Admiral. John Early, the Auckland War Memorial Museum Head Entomologist, identified it as Meteorus pulchricornis. It is a known larval parasite for several lepidoptera. When there is a clear parasite to host relationship, ie when the parasitised host dies and resulting parasite larvae emerges […]

Admiral pupa, courtesy Mike Lusk

Hi Jacqui, I found a good number of admiral pupae in a large patch of Ongaonga I save after volunteers attempted to clear it on Te Mata Peak, Hawkes Bay. I’ve seen both red and yellow in the area so ‘m not surwe whose baby this will be. see ya, Mike

Host plants for NZ butterflies and moths

Female butterflies/moths will generally lay their egg on one plant – which they can source from some kms away. Here is a short list of the most common ones that you can plant in your garden: Red Admiral (Vanessa gonerilla gonerilla) (Kahukura)  – Urtica species (stinging nettle) Yellow Admiral (Vanessa itea) (Kahukowhai) – Urtica species […]

Common Copper Butterfly

Common (not so common!) Copper Butterfly, Lycaena salustius (pair mating)- Mt Cook. Thank you Martin!

Boulder Copper

Lycaena boldenarum-Mt Aspiring National Park, Martin Gascoignee-Pees

Red Admiral in Akaroa

Bassaris gonerilla – Akaroa (Banks Peninsula, South Island)
Photo also by Martin Gascoignee-Pees

Ringlet, seen in Lewis Pass

Argyrophenga antipodum, Lewis Pass, South Island
Photo by Martin Gascoignee-Pees

NZ Yellow Admiral – photograph courtesy Nigel again