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Information about the Monarch butterfly, its host plants, parasites and predators.

Seven sample seeds

Heres some examples of seeds which would typify what is in my lot. What do you think?

Swan plant seeds

The photograph shows you a healthy swan plant seed, and one which is less likely to be viable (produce a plant). Viable seed should be plump and ‘filled out’ like the healthy avocado shape on the left. The seed on the right has been picked too early; the seed has sunk in the middle and […]

Film: Munching Monarchs

That cute little video that people are asking for… it’s been uploaded to our site. Click on the link below. Takes a little while to download/open and you’ll need a Flash player. Enjoy! Munchin’ Monarchs

Monarchs on plum blossom, Christchurch, 6 September

Hello, I’m a new member. I just want to report seeing two butterflies on our neighbour’s plum tree several weeks ago (6 Sept.) – we live in central Christchurch.

Things in the Milkweed

Today it is wet and windy in Russell, so I thought I’d collect a few eggs from milkweed around town – who knows, it may be the last for the “summer”. On one plant I found these living things, so have used digital magnifier to take photos of them. Any ideas what they are?

Pesky wasp!

Wasp eating caterpillars

Jacqui was angry this morning at seeing a wasp eating her caterpillars

Marilyn’s photo of caterpillars feeding on pumpkin

Monty again

My Monarch Sanctuary

Jacqui’s version of a Monarch sanctuary — you can adapt the principle to your own location and needs.