Corin Haines, Trustee

Corin has made a career in Information Management working around New Zealand in libraries looking after their digital services. For the past ten years that has been in the form of senior management roles for public libraries in the Auckland region and then the National Library of NZ in Wellington. Mid 2018 he moved to GNS Science where he manages the library, data and records management functions.

With a love of food and artisan food making it is not a great leap to also care about the environment and NZ’s biodiversity. A keen trail runner, Corin often finds himself surrounded by and marvelling at NZ’s flora and fauna. He believes not enough New Zealanders take the time or have the opportunity to experience how wonderful it is.

The opportunity to lend his governance experience to help increase awareness of Lepidoptera and protect NZ’s biodiversity was one he could not pass up.