Trustees and Officers

Trustees and officers (secretary, treasurer) are responsible for the running of the Moths and Butterflies of New Zealand Trust.

Maurice Mehlhopt, Auckland, Trustee and Chair, appointed 17 March 2016

Anthony Appleton-Tattersall, appointed 24 March 2019

Mary Hayek-Williams, appointed 24 March 2019

Patricia Jacqueline (Jacqui) Knight – Secretary/Trustee, Auckland, appointed 7 June 2005

Marilyn Little, appointed 24 March 2019

Hugh Smith, Bay of Plenty, Trustee, appointed January 2015


Treasurer: Carol Stensness, appointed October 2010

Auditors: Hartnell Grond Walker, formerly Bray Cormack Dow, Kaitaia (Carlita Grond)

Biodiversity Advisor: Brian Patrick from Wildland Consultants

Educational Advisor: Jessie McKenzie from the Royal Society of NZ.

Legal Advisor: Richard Wood

National Butterfly Centre Development: Mark Bateman

Carol Stensness, our Treasurer

Jessie McKenzie, Educational Advisor

Hugh Smith, Trustee

Jacqui Knight, Trustee and Secretary

Anthony Appleton-Tattersall, Trustee

Marilyn Little, Trustee

Mary Hayek-Williams, Trustee

Mark Bateman, Development NBC

Maurice Mehlhopt, Trustee

Brian Patrick, Biodiversity Advisor