Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our donors, funders and sponsors for the assistance they have given us with our various projects. Some of them are:

ASB Community Trust

ASB Community Trust

The ASB Community Trust was formed in 1988 from the sale of shares in the ASB Bank. The Trust distributes grants to the not-for-profit sector throughout Auckland and Northland in the education, arts, sport, recreation, environment, heritage, health and social services areas.

The Association for Butterflies has helped us with the cost of our tags for the 2012 season. Concern for butterflies and their environment motivated the group that formed the organisation. They brought their visions and dreams together to create The “Association for Butterflies; Research, Conservation, Farming, and Gardening” in February of 2006.

The Bayer Group has funded new bannerstands as educational resources. Bayer is an international research-based group with major businesses in health care,nutrition and high-tech materials. Bayer: Science for a Better Life.

Butterfly Creek  is Australia’s premier butterfly house… and more. At Auckland Airport it’s well worth a visit.

Dalton’s products are the choice of professionals – and the choice of gardeners. Highly recommended.

To keep updated on gardening news, subscribe to “Go Gardening” – for the love of gardening, advice, guides and news.

Graeme Hill, through his program on Radio Live, worked with us on a plan to get more people planting nettles for the Admiral butterflies.

Kings Seeds has supplied seed to home gardeners and commercial growers since 1978.

Kings Plant Barn, great garden centres, has several branches throughout Auckland. Kings: growing together with you!

Lynn River make wonderful gardening gloves and other safety gear.

If you’re looking for quality tools at affordable prices, take a good look at the McGregor’s range.

The Mazda Foundation Trust was established in 2005 as a public charitable trust to provide assistance to a broad cross–section of worthy charitable entities and causes throughout NZ. It provides assistance towards the maintenance and improvement of the natural environment, the advancement of culture and education to achieve excellence in communities, education and employment skills development for young people, with particular emphasis on children from deprived backgrounds and the arts.

Oratia Native Plant Nursery Ltd is a family business, owned and operated by Geoff and Bev Davidson – with some added skill input at times from the second generation. Join them in restoring NZ’s natural heritage.

Otago University Press publish a huge number of books, including Brian and Hamish Patrick’s “Butterflies of the South Pacific”. Highly recommended reading!

NZ’s most comprehensive mail order plant catalogue is produced by Parva Plants. Get your copy now.

Richmond Estate Wines is an organic winemaking pioneer producing this country’s first Certified Organic Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc – varieties for which NZ is world renowned. They have been growing and making organic wine since their inception in 1991. They are certified organic by BioGro NZ, and their philosophy is in making great wines by working with nature. By using organic methods, without the use of synthetic chemicals, they believe they can truly express the vineyard’s character or ‘terroir’ in the wines.

Sandfield Information Systems have been involved with our website since 2012 and we’re thrilled. We would highly recommend them for innovation and service.

Tui Garden Products has been a friend in your garden for over 100 years, and is the trusted source for help and advice tailored for New Zealand conditions with products designed for New Zealanders and their lives. Tui has supported the last two MBNZT conferences.

Wildflower World sells beautiful wildflower and garden flower seeds through their mail order catalogue, and have generously donated a wildflower garden at Te Puna Quarry Park for our 2009 conference. They produce a beautiful forty-page colour catalogue twice a year. Their seeds are sent around the world.

Yates has established itself as an integral part of Australian and NZ  gardening history, but much of the company’s success rests on its ability to adapt to changes in lifestyle and to continue meeting the needs of gardeners in each new generation. When you buy a packet of ‘Swan Plant’ seeds sold by Yates, a portion of the proceeds goes to MBNZT funds.