Funding and Grant Application Assistant


The mission of the Moths and Butterflies of New Zealand Trust is to increase biodiversity within New Zealand so that our butterflies and moths, and their habitat, are enhanced and protected where possible to benefit present and future New Zealanders.

What we do

New Zealand has a unique Lepidoptera fauna comprising over 2,000 species of moth and butterflies, some of which are found nowhere else in the world.  However, many are endangered, threatened or in severe decline. Butterflies and moths are valuable ambassadors for nature and a key indicator of environmental change. Largely through education, we carry out programmes and projects in schools and the wider community to raise awareness of NZ’s unique Lepidoptera whiling encouraging and promoting conservation of NZ’s unique biodiversity.

What we need

As a charitable organisation we depend on donations and grants to fund our ongoing work and future goals and projects. These include educational resources for schools, research programmes and social science initiatives.

We seek an individual with experience in (or keen to learn) the preparation of grant and funding applications. This role would:

  • Assist in identifying suitable grants relevant to our organisation
  • Prepare funding applications by connecting the grants’ funding requirements to our future projects and objectives
  • Complete and submit funding applications and grant proposals

The role requires a high standard of English, professionalism, diligence and above all excellent communication skills.

Working Location

While we are primarily based in Auckland, working remotely is possible. We are a national organisation with many volunteers working from remote locations around the country.

Estimated Start Date


Time Requirements

3-4 hours per week approximately but variable depending on application deadlines

Proposed project steps

Step 1: Review relevant materials

  • Review relevant information about our organisation including our website, previous grant applications and our goals (2-3 hours reading)

Step 2: Brainstorming session

  • Along with our team, brainstorm key messages and information required to create a useful grant application (1-2 hours)

Step 3: Writing

  • Write the application and forward it to our team for review (3-4 hours)

Step 4: Feedback

  • Incorporate the feedback and update the application as required.
  • Submit the application to the relevant funding organisation (2 hours).

What we have in place

Our organisation was founded 12 years ago and is underpinned by its members and volunteers. Over this time we have grown a strong support base and formed key relationships with many organisations and industry groups. These include AUT, Sandfield IT, Storage King and Yealand Wines.

Our organisation is driven by a strong and established Board of Trustees that represent a wide range of experience and diversity of skills. Our website and social media include:

Website: and




If you are interested, please contact Rebecca Bibby,