Educational Resources

To advance to the next page, you will need to have paid $10 to the Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust, and you will receive the password. This replaces the CD which we distributed earlier.

When you enter your password you will have access to a range of educational resources for use in schools and/or by parents. We hope to add to this from time to time. At present we have:

Monarch Metamorphosis and Butterfly Gardening (notes, Word document)

My Milkweed Diary (Word document) – for students to complete, term project

Measuring Butterflies instructions (pdf)

Butterfly Songs (Word document)

Crimped Monarch (art project – pdf)

Monarch Colour In (art project – pdf)

Origami Monarch (pdf)

Monarch Maze puzzle (pdf)

Monarch Wordfind puzzle (pdf)

Monarch Life Cycle Dice Game

Monarch Migration Outdoor Game
‘Munchin Monarch’ – a Flash video showing a caterpillar emerging from the egg.

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