auckland 1701 / papatoetoe / 2005-07-26 14:15:00

1male/1 female/faded ragged wings. (tue 26/7/05) LAYING EGGS..AGAIN…we have the GIANT swan plants growing and large numbers of catterpillars ..all sizes on the plants at present..season began late this year, first ones hatching out last week of february o5,but often as early as 1st week of november other years.seems to be 90 degree shitf in their cycle which coincides with the 90 degree shift of the magnetic south pole which is now 900 kilometres up into the indian ocean..


  • Species: Monarch
  • City/Region: auckland 1701
  • Suburb: papatoetoe
  • Site: home garden
  • Trees: giant swan plants (tree's)
  • Weather: cold/windy/showers from west/norwest...15 degrees